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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions that I have been asked. Just click on the link to see the answer... 

Questions About Purchasing

+ How much does it cost to join Guitar Legato Fast Start?
+ Does this price include taxes?
+ Why do EC buyers have to pay tax?
+ Do I have to pay monthly fees?
+ What payment methods do you accept?
+ Do you accept payment by money order or check?
+ What if I am unhappy about my decision to join Guitar Legato Fast Start?
+ Does it matter what country I live in?

Questions About The Course Content

+ Is it a book, DVD or home study course?
+ What format is Guitar Legato Fast Start?
+ I am a beginner. Will this suit me?
+ What prior knowledge do I need before I join?
+ How much practice will I need to do?
+ I am very busy. Can I learn at my own pace?
+ Do I have to be able to read music?
+ I have a slow internet connection. Can I still join?
+ Will this work on both MAC and PC computers?