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 "How Would Your Guitar Speed, Soloing Ability and Technique Improve If You Could Gain A Total Mastery Over Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs?"


Is This For You?

I need to be completely upfront with you here. What you're about to read about is definitely not for everyone. (In fact, there's a lot of guitarists who won't need to learn about what's on this page)...

You only need to read this page if you're one of the following...

  1. You're A Guitar Legato Newbie: This means that you're brand new to hammer-ons and pull-offs, and are looking for an effective, well-organized, step-by-step method of understanding, learning and mastering these essential guitar techniques.
  2. You're a Guitarist Frustrated With Your Legato Technique: If you're this type of guitarist then chances are you've been practicing hammer-ons and pull-offs for a while, but are frustrated with your progress. Deep down you feel like you are not making the progress with your legato technique that you should be making.

If you feel that you fall into one of the above categories, then I invite you to invest a few minutes reading this page carefully. It could help you a lot...


Do Any Of These Common Guitar Legato Problems Sound Familiar?


Your hand often gets tired or sore when trying to do long licks and runs that use hammer-ons and pull-offs. Many times, guitarists who have this problem have something fundamentally wrong with their technique. And unless they correct their technical faults, they will continue to have this problem. Not to mention the fact that having a faulty hammer-on or pull-off technique can make injuries much more likely.
You consistently hit speed plateaus and don't know how to break through them. Although we all hit plateaus at times, it can be very frustrating not knowing what you need to do to overcome the plateau. Many guitarists just keep on practicing hoping that they get better, rather than using specific strategies to overcome those plateaus. And this causes their progress to be much slower than it needs to be.
You don't have a step-by-step legato development plan to follow that you KNOW will work. Most books, websites and DVD's give you lots of hammer-on and pull-off exercises to practice, but virtually no advice on HOW to practice those exercises. This lack of detailed instructions can definitely make it hard for you to progress quickly.
You have certain finger combinations that are much weaker than others. Many guitarists find that they can do hammer-ons and pull-offs easily with some fingers, but find it really challenging when using other fingers. For Example: A lot of guitar players find that using fingers 3 and 4 MUCH harder than other finger combinations.
You are excessively tense when doing hammer-ons and pull-offs. This can be an immensely frustrating problem to overcome. Guitarists who don't know how to play hammer-ons and pull-offs in a relaxed and effortless way, often find it hard to reach their speed goals in an efficient way.
You find pull-offs much harder to do than hammer-ons. Many guitar players find that doing pull-offs are much more challenging than doing hammer-ons. This means that they tend to avoid learning new musical ideas that use a lot of pull-offs. And this severely limits their soloing fluidity and creativity.
You're unsure of exactly what you need to practice to reach your potential. There are so many hammer-on and pull-off exercises out there, it's often hard to know which ones are the most important ones to practice. (It can also be tough when you don't know what specific order the exercises should be practiced, in order to progress at your fastest possible rate).


If you can relate to any of the above problems, then hopefully you realize that you are certainly not alone. I've noticed from all my years of professionally teaching guitar, that a LOT of guitarists have these exact same problems...

And that's one of the reasons why I've created The Guitar Legato Fast Start System...  


Overcome Your Guitar Legato Problems With The Guitar Legato Fast Start System...

The Guitar Legato Fast Start System is an intensive 12-month online course aimed at electric guitarists serious about improving their hammer-on and pull-off technique.

If you are new to legato technique (or just plain frustrated with it), and would like to maximize your progress, then it may be for you. (More on this later)...

What I've done with this online course is to reveal some valuable information and practice strategies that will...

  • Help you develop more speed and endurance with your fretting-hand.
  • Improve your timing of hammer-ons and pull-offs dramatically.
  • Help you to learn the most efficient and effective methods of doing hammer-ons and pull-offs.
  • Help you to develop your hammer-on and pull-off technique in a structured and organized way.
  • Help you to avoid the most common mistakes that guitarists make when trying to develop their legato technique.
  • Help you develop a rock-solid foundation of hammer-on and pull-off technique that will help you progress to a more advanced level.



It's not my intention to "hard-sell" you here. I know that The Guitar Legato Fast Start System will really help a lot of guitar players. But I also know...it most definitely won't be for everyone. (There's not a single guitar course out there that is perfect for everyone).

Instead, I'll just give you some detail about what you'll get when you join. That way you can make an informed decision whether or not it's for you. Fair enough?


Here's What The Guitar Legato Fast Start System Is Made Up Of...


In this module we'll start looking at hammer-ons in a very organized way.

You'll learn about the four different types of hammer-ons. By being aware of all the types of hammer-ons, you'll be able to locate and get rid of specific weaknesses in your hammer-on technique. This will allow you to develop a well-rounded and effortless hammer-on technique.

You'll discover the four hammer-on exercises that guitarists often neglect. Although these four exercises are very simple to understand and learn, many guitar players don't practice them. By practicing these exercises you'll be able to build a foundation of technique that will help you easily learn more advanced hammer-on ideas.
You'll learn Hammer-On Study One. This is a technical study that I composed specially for this course. It will help you to improve your hammer-on timing, strength and endurance. It will also help you to get a much better coordination between your picking and fretting hands. (This is a great skill to develop if you want to master playing guitar licks that mix picking and legato).
You'll get specific instructions on how to practice Hammer-On Study 1. Because I want to leave nothing to chance, I have created VERY specific instructions on how to practice the study for maximum results. I have even created two videos that show me actually practicing the study. This means that you won't waste time with trial-and-error...you'll know exactly how to practice in an effective way.


In this module we continue looking at hammer-ons. We'll be taking a look at the most common and important type of hammer-on...

You'll learn about the six finger combinations that you need to practice. Many guitarists practice their hammer-ons in a very disorganized and unsystematic way. (And this causes their progress to be MUCH slower than it needs to be). By understanding all the combinations, you will be able to systematically find and overcome any weaknesses that you currently have with your hammer-on technique. And this will mean that your legato technique will develop at a faster rate.
You'll discover the important concept of pressure transfer. If you practice ANY hammer-on exercise without understanding this concept, you'll be more likely to get poor results from your practice. On the other hand, by understanding this important concept you'll learn how to play hammer-ons in a way that is physically easier. (And this means that you'll be able to play hammer-ons faster, without your hand tiring so much).
You'll learn six powerful hammer-on exercises that develop all possible finger combinations. These exercises are extremely important as they help you develop strength and coordination will all fingers of your fretting-hand. And I make sure to give you very specific practice advice so that you'll gain maximum benefit from practicing them.
You'll learn and master Hammer-On Study Two. This study will help you a LOT. It specifically helps you master a common timing problem that many guitarists have.
You'll discover six advanced hammer-on exercises. These exercises expand upon the ones that you'll learn earlier in this module. I have been doing these exercises every week for a LONG time, and have found them to be six of the most useful and powerful exercises for developing hammer-on technique.


By this stage of the course, you will find that your hammer-on technique has improved a lot. And this means that we can start looking at some musical ideas that use hammer-ons. And this important. Why? Because the goal is to be able to do hammer-ons fluently in a musical context!


You'll discover four legato mechanics. By learning and understanding these mechanics, you'll be able to create your own musical ideas. And this will help you to expand your ability to solo and improvise in a creative way.
You'll learn six foundational hammer-on scale ideas. Although these scale ideas are fairly simple to learn, they will be extremely helpful. They will help you to make substantial improvements to your hammer-on timing.
You'll learn three hammer-on exercises that will help develop your three-note-per-string hammer-on technique. These exercises are VERY important, as they help you develop three of the most important hammer-on patterns. Once mastered, these patterns can be combined to create awesome-sounding legato scale runs and licks.
You'll get to master six more advanced hammer-on scale ideas. These scale ideas with further develop your hammer-on technique. They will also help you to improve your legato timing. (Plus, they sound pretty impressive when played quickly!). :-)


This module expands upon the technique and skill that you will develop in the last three module.

You’ll learn about the two different types of pull-offs. Many guitarists only work on one type of pull-off. And this means that they completely neglect the second type. And this causes huge weaknesses in their pull-off technique. By learning about BOTH types of pull-offs you'll be able to avoid this very common mistake.
You’ll discover four exercises that develop the first type of pull-off. These exercises are very useful as they help you to develop a foundational of pull-off technique. With this foundational you'll be more prepared to easily learn more advanced pull-off ideas.
You'll get to learn and master Pull-Off Study 1. This study will help you to develop more strength and better timing with your pull-off technique. You'll also get very specific advice on how to practice this study. And this means that you'll get better results from your practice.


In this module we focus on developing the second type of pull-off. This is probably the most common type of pull-off, so I've made sure to give you all the exercises and advice that you need to master it. (I don't want to leave anything to chance).

You'll discover the most common mistake guitarists make when doing pull-offs. To be blunt, this mistake causes pull-offs to sound pretty lame! So I've made sure to tell you what this mistake is and, more importantly, tell you exactly what you need to do to avoid making this mistake yourself. This will allow you to progress faster with developing your pull-off technique.
You'll learn six of the most important exercises for developing your pull-off technique. These exercises will allow you to become fluent with doing pull-offs using ANY finger combination. And this means that you'll dramatically improve your finger strength and independence.
You'll get to learn Pull-Off Study 2. This study is a fantastic one that will help you a lot (especially with improving your pull-off timing). And of course, like all other parts of this course, I make sure to give you very specific advice so that you maximize the results that you get from your practice.


In the last two modules we looked at some fundamentals of developing your pull-off technique. By this stage you should be more than prepared to apply what you've learned to actual musical ideas...

You'll learn four new legato mechanics. Improving your understanding of legato mechanics is a critical aspect of increasing your fluidity and creativity with legato playing. Why? Because once you understand a mechanic you can quickly create new licks and soloing ideas that use that mechanic. Put simply, the more legato mechanics that you know the more versatile your legato technique becomes.
You'll gain skill and ability with four new basic scale ideas. Although these scale ideas are easy to learn, they sound very impressive when played up to speed. Practicing them will also help you dramatically improve the timing of your pull-offs. And this means that your pull-offs will sound much smoother and more professional.
You'll discover three very powerful exercises to help develop your pull-offs in a three-note-per string context. Many guitarists struggle to effortlessly play guitar licks that use repeated pull-off motions. These three exercises will help you to overcome this common problem area that a lot of players have.


By this stage of the course you should have already made big improvements to your hammer-ons and pull-offs. But we aren't going to stop there. In this module we are going to further develop your technique by combining hammer-ons and pull-offs...

You'll discover 4 new legato mechanics. Once you learn these four, you will now have a vocabulary of 12 legato mechanics that you have mastered. Even though 12 might not seem like a lot, in fact it is. (Those 12 mechanics can be mixed and combined together to create MANY new musical ideas).
You'll master four foundational combination exercises. These exercises will help your legato playing a lot. They not only help you gain mastery with combining hammer-ons and pull-offs, they will also help you to maintain your legato technique during periods when you might not have a lot of time to practice.
You'll learn twelve basic scale ideas that combine hammer-ons and pull-offs. These are twelve of my favorite scale ideas. (I use them all the time when I'm improvising). I think you'll have a lot of fun learning them, and they'll certainly sound pretty cool once you've mastered them and can play them quickly!
You'll gain a mastery over six advanced combination exercises. These exercises are VITAL to the development of your legato technique. (No legato course would be complete without them!). These exercises will help you learn essential legato movements that are used in many legato licks and scalar runs. So be sure to work hard at them. :-)
You'll learn 12 advanced scale ideas that combine hammer-ons and pull-offs. If you like players like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani then you NEED to be practicing these exercises. And even if you don't like those players, you should still be practicing them in order to reach your legato technique potential.



Grab 12 Months Access To This Online Course Now...

At the time of writing this, my standard rate for one-on-one guitar lessons is $80 per 45-minute lesson. And to cover everything in this course it could take as many as seven one-on-one lessons with me. So you could quite easily have to pay up to $560 to learn the material covered in this course.

I realize that not everyone has the means to afford that. And that is one of the main reasons that I structured these lessons as an online course...

The huge advantage of an online course is it allows me to help you outside of the confines of one-on-one guitar lessons. Because I don't have to personally teach everyone who does the course, I can charge you MUCH less for exactly the same information...

Today I am offering you a full 12-months access to The Guitar Legato Fast Start System for a one-time small investment of just: $47 (US DOLLARS).

This small investment works out to be just $3.92 per month. (That's about 12.9 cents per day).

Order Today And You'll Also Receive The Following 20 Bonus Lessons For Free...

SPECIAL BONUS: Guitar Legato Creativity Booster e-Course

By ordering today you guarantee that you will also receive The Guitar Legato Creativity Booster e-Course... 

This is a 20 lesson course designed to help you do the following...

  • Improve your ability to use legato technique in a creative way.

  • Discover how to create your own cool-sounding legato guitar licks.

  • Expand your soloing vocabulary in a massive way.

  • Learn to develop awesome timing when
    playing legato licks.

  • Increase your endurance and your overall guitar speed.

  • And much, much more!

Here's how it works...

You will receive a new lesson every two weeks by email. In each email will be a link to a special lesson that I've created.

These bonus lessons are specially designed to help you become much more creative with your legato playing. And by improving your creativity, you'll also start to develop your own unique style of guitar soloing.


There Is No Risk To You With My 60 Day, 100% Ironclad, Money Back Guarantee...

I want there to be absolutely no risk to you.

That's why I have decided to give you a 60 day risk-free money back guarantee...

"Test drive your Guitar Legato Fast Start membership for up to 60 days. If you feel you haven't made massive improvements to your hammer-on and pull-off technique, then I'll cheerfully and promptly give all your money back...no hassles, no arguments, no small print, no questions asked. To be blunt, I'd be embarrassed to keep your money if you're not 100% satisfied".

Now...let's take this guarantee one step further. I want you to feel absolutely certain there's no way you can "get taken". I'm a respected guitar educator and my reputation is on the line...

"If you are unhappy with your decision to buy for ANY reason, just let me know within 60 days and I'll give you a full refund".

You have nothing to lose.


Guitar Legato Fast Start Version 2.0 Is Coming...

 Important Notice:

As of 01/01/2018 Guitar Legato Fast Start is no longer available for purchase.

But don't worry—a new and improved Guitar Legato Fast Start is being developed.

If you'd like the opportunity to join Guitar Legato Fast Start Version 2.0 when it launches, please send me an email. I'll then add you to the waiting list.